Leadership Team

Relationships and expertise. That is the Broadstreet difference in private equity investing.


  • David Feingold, Chief Executive Officer

  • Joseph Baldassarra, President

  • Steven Baldassarra, Chief Operating Officer

  • Edward Faas, Chief Compliance Officer

  • Jackie Texeira, Chief Financial Officer/Comptroller

Non-Executive officers

  • Mike Bongiovanni, Senior Operations Officer

  • Shelley Gould, Operations Manager

  • Amanda Plesser, Director of Human Resources and Recruitment

Land Coordinators

  • Paul. R. Gould, III, Land Coordinator

Senior Managing Directors

  • Michael Dazzo, Senior Managing Director

  • Akhil Morada, Senior Managing Director

  • Carl Smith, Senior Managing Director

  • Chris Jones, Senior Managing Director


Gabriel Alvarez
David Halabu


Roshan Abeyweera
Jignesh Acharya
Daniel Amaniera
Terry Au
David Berger
Albert Chcoury
Randy David
Joel Desilets
Bernard Jasmin
Richard Kessler
Kieran Loughran
Michael Lian
Leron Levy
Nihar Patel
Vikas Patel
Michael Pellegrino
Andrea Pisacane
Jay Reddy
Steven Sconzo
Todd Sanders


Ryan Feingold
Devon Gable

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