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Self-Storage Facilities

Self-Storage Facilities

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Broadstreet increases its offerings with the expansion into the self-storage sector with a subseries investment that leverages our unique perspective in the infrastructure industry. Investing in self-storage is a strategic choice driven by several compelling factors.

The industry experiences robust growth due to population expansion, urbanization trends, and evolving consumer lifestyles, all of which fuel demand for storage solutions.  With our involvement in the infrastructure industry, we are able to develop facilities near our infrastructure projects to cater to housing and population expansions.

Additionally, self-storage facilities, characterized by their operational efficiency and resilience in robust economic environments, consistently deliver substantial free cash flows, making them an attractive investment opportunity. This approach fosters the growth of self-storage in the rapidly expanding areas of the Southeast.

Broadstreet has made its first investment in a self-storage facility, the Mauldin Road Project, in Greenville, S.C. Spanning 144,603 square feet, it will boast 682 storage units, providing plenty of space to accommodate the storage needs of individuals and businesses in the area. It is anticipated to be completed in 2024.

In collaboration with our trusted development partners, Contender Development, Stream Development, and their affiliates, we are planning to pursue additional self-storage projects. These projects will follow the same strategic blueprint as the Mauldin Road Project, ensuring a consistent approach to maximize success. The facilities are anticipated to be operated under the recognized brand “Public Storage” through management and branding agreements.

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