Crypto Mining

Crypto Mining

Digging deep for greater ROIs.

Crypto mining is the process of verifying crypto transactions via computer power and equipment. Our business premise is to mine crypto in a manner that has limited exposure to the crypto price volatility while still collecting the fees associated with mining.

Broadstreet’s distinctive approach to Bitcoin mining is designed to provide steady profits and reliable ROIs for our clients. By investing primarily in Bitcoin’s digital infrastructure—rather than the currency itself—our private equity firm strives to shield clients from market volatility and portfolio vulnerabilities.

We have an extensive due-diligence process with our operating partners to ensure the digital infrastructure and operations will be to the highest quality. The Upstate’s stable access to power and low energy costs make for an appealing investment.

Broadstreet is looking to secure over 1,000 Bitcoin miners by the end of 2022 and is currently partnered with two mining operations in both Rutherfordton, NC and Gray Court, SC. And which two additional sites that could substantially increase our business opportunity.

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