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Family Office

Family Office

Custom-Tailored Solutions

The Broad Street Family Office is a private wealth management advisory firm that serves ultra-high-net-worth investors. We offer a total outsourced solution to managing the financial and investment side of an affluent individual or family. The family office model has become increasingly popular among the ultra-wealthy due to its comprehensive approach to wealth management, its emphasis on confidentiality, and its ability to provide a centralized point of control. The services offered and the structure can vary depending on the preferences, needs, and complexities of the individual or family we serve.

The family office division is headed by a registered investment advisor and also has strategic relationships with other registered investment advisors to provide not only advisory services but a complete host of services typical to a family office arrangement including insurance, insurance products, bill paying, concierge, and banking relationships.

Why We Do It

To have the ability to help individuals and their families grow and protect their generational wealth

Services We Offer

Investment Management

  • Portfolio Management:

    Oversight of the family’s investment portfolio, with a focus on asset allocation, risk management, and achieving the family’s financial objectives.

  • Direct Investments:

    Opportunities to invest directly in private companies or real estate.

  • Alternative Investments:

    Access to hedge funds, private equity, and other alternative investment vehicles.

  • Due Diligence:

    Research and vetting of investment opportunities.

Financial Planning

  • Estate Planning:

    Ensuring assets are passed on to heirs in a tax-efficient manner.

  • Tax Planning:

    Strategies to minimize tax liabilities.

  • Retirement Planning:

    Ensuring the family's financial well-being in retirement.

  • Philanthropic Planning:

    Structuring charitable goals and contributions in the most impactful and tax-efficient manner.

Administrative Services

  • Accounting and Reporting:

    Consolidated financial statements, budgeting, and cash flow analysis.

  • Bill Pay and Cash Management:

    Overseeing daily financial operations.

  • Record Keeping:

    Maintaining records of investments, assets, and other pertinent financial information.

Risk Management

  • Insurance Planning:

    Evaluating and procuring life, property, casualty, and liability insurance.

  • Asset Protection:

    Strategies to protect assets from potential creditors or litigants.

  • Concierge Cyber Defense:

    Personal security monitoring and cyber security incident recovery management.

Family Governance and Education

  • Family Meetings:

    Organizing meetings to discuss family matters, governance, and wealth education.

  • Next Generation Education:

    Educating younger family members about wealth management, family values, and responsibilities.

Concierge and Lifestyle Services

  • Travel Arrangements:

    Booking and organizing travel.

  • Property Management:

    Overseeing family properties, acquisitions, or sales.

  • Special Projects:

    Anything from planning a family event to purchasing art or other collectibles.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

  • Regulatory Reporting:

    Ensuring compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

  • Legal Coordination:

    Working with attorneys on everything from estate planning to business ventures.


  • Philanthropic Strategy:

    Helping the family define its philanthropic goals and strategies.

  • Foundation Management:

    If the family has a foundation, the family office might manage its operations.

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