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Individual Divisions Disclosure


Individual Divisions Disclosure for Broadstreet, Inc.

Individual divisions may have certain regulatory licenses that may need to be utilized for various business endeavors that we pursue. By way of example, in those circumstances when advisory services may need to be utilized, then such services will generally be sent to the Broadstreet Global Advisors divisions and/or when broker-dealer licensing may be needed to accomplish a transaction, then any broker-dealer in which Broadstreet, Inc. has a significant holding would be utilized for such services. Presently, Broadstreet, Inc. holds a substantial ownership interest in a FINRA, MSRB, and SIPC member firm known as Phoenix Financial Services, Inc.

Likewise, for clients seeking insurance or family office services, clients will generally be introduced to those Broadstreet-related divisions that have such opportunity available. In short, Broadstreet operates as a fund, private equity firm, and diversified financial services solution depending on the opportunity that is being pursued.

Each division is a separate entity with separate ownership and structure. Any investor placing funds with Broadstreet does not receive any form of ownership or rights to anything other than that which is specifically described in the documents with which an investor may execute and which can only be subscribed through the Broadstreet Global Fund, LLC.

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