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Jignesh Acharya

Jignesh Acharya

Jignesh Acharya serves as a partner for Broadstreet Inc. He is a CPA, licensed in South Carolina and Colorado. He is also a C.A. and MBA from India. Currently, he is a Managing Member of the CPA Firm “Foothills CPAs LLC” based in Greenville, SC. His business includes Income Tax, Sales Tax,Property Tax, Bookkeeping, Payroll Services  etc.

His foresight, caring nature, and plethora of experience helps in providing personalized services to clients. He has a unique gift of identifying what products or services suit them best.

Born in Gujarat, India, Jignesh moved to the US in 2007. He loves playing cricket, meeting, and connecting with people, watching actionmovies, TV shows and reading investigative novels. ‘Perry Mason’ is his favorite.

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